Thursday, May 5, 2016

Intake of Red Meat May Cause Colon Cancer

        A new study involving 1.5 million people all-causes of mortality increases with daily intake of red or processed meats. The study confirms the knowledge of physicians that diet can either heal or harm the body. The data found the steepest rise in mortality at the smallest increases of intake of red meat. They also found a 3.6 year increase in life expectancy for people with a vegetarian diet for more than 17 years.
          The intake of red and processed meat has also been linked to an increased rate of colon cancer. Most studies show that the fat consumed from the red meat is what increases the risk of colon cancer. Large amounts of red meat cause colonic cytotoxicity and epithelial proliferation. This also causes cells within the colon to mutate and creates cancerous polyps.  
        In my opinion these study provide very useful information for the public. The data shows how beneficial cutting reducing or cutting red meat out of your diet can be.Hopefully physicians can spread the word to patients about how important nutrition is and how it can improve your health.


  1. very interesting article, i would never had believed red meat can be harmful to our own bodies since many of us are depending on eating meats on a daily basis

    1. This article made me seriously consider a vegetarian diet. I have always felt that red meat makes me feel ill after it is digested, but now I have some understanding of why it may do that.

  2. It pains me reading articles like this. I think it is more of the processed meats that really causes not wanted effects to our body. I'm not a big fan on anything processed.

  3. It's interesting to see that there was a 3.6 year increase in life expectancy in people that have followed a vegetarian diet for so long. I've also heard a lot about strictly plant-based diets and how that influences overall health. I wonder what the affects are if you consume a vegetarian diet for a shorter period of time, since it is very common for people to hop on the "vegan" or "vegetarian" diet bandwagon as a weight lose attempt but don't follow through with it for that long.

  4. Yet another attack against my favoritte food I see... Did this study attribute the cancer prevalence to the meat itself or the fact that it was proccessed? I know that burning nitrates, the chemicals used to preserve most red meat, does release a carcinogen.