Thursday, May 5, 2016

Genetic Variants Linked to Depression

Researchers have found genetic linkage to depression. Jordan Smoller a psychiatrist at Harvard University said ," These studies are very important in providing clues as to why this happens to us and may help us treat and develop ways to cure this problem." They linked two genes from chromosome 10 to have the disorder but the results from testing were very small. It was statistically significant but very small. People with the variant were only at a slight increase of risk of developing major depression than people without them. Kenneth Kendler said, "This is the beginning of a trail tht can help clarify the underlying biology of depression which can open up treatment."

This finding is very important in our lives. Depression is a condition that many people do not see coming or are aware of from their friends or family. If finding a way to tract the problem and hopefully save or help people, would be a tremendous accomplishment in our day in age. We lose people daily due to depression and sometimes it is too late to help when its all said and done.


  1. This is very interesting and may led to a cure for depression. Rather than medication gene therapy could be the answer to depression.

    1. I would love to see where this new research takes us. It gives me hope that maybe one day my depression can be kept under wraps without even needing to see therapist.

  2. The more information that comes out linking genetics and depression the less it's going to be looked at with its surrounding stigma.

  3. This seems like it coulbe be a breakthrough. if only the study size was bigger, testing would have most likely proved the information more true or false. Interesting to see what the researchers will do next.