Friday, April 15, 2016

Why is the Sky Blue?

Have you even questioned why the sky is blue? The logical answer may not be the correct one. Researchers at the laboratory of Markus Meister, Anne P. and Benjamin F. Biaggini, have conducted research on photo-receptors in both rats and humans. Humans have two different types of photo receptors cones and rods. Rods are dim light receptors that can only provide contrast betwwen black and white. Cones are made up fo three different pigment receptors red, green and blue. Mice on the other hand have on two types of receptors medium wavelength (green) receptors and UV receptors. The then discovered that a certain neuron (JAMB retinal ganglion cell) can signal color to the brain because they fire medium wavelength neurological signals and stop sending UV signals. This is the first time this relationship has been documented. the relationship is as follows rods excite neurons which then innhibit UV light detection.
Next researchers decided to see how the vision effects a rats surrounding. They found that two things stood out in rats vision: seeds and urine. These are both the most important things to a mouse or rats since it is a food source nd teritory. Reserachers also believe that the human body follws a similar pathway of rods to neurons which truns off both red and green receptors leaving the baseline blue color which is why we percieve the sky as blue according to Markus Meister, Anne P. and Benjamin F. Biaggini

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