Friday, April 22, 2016

            When a pregnant women smokes researchers best explain the effects on fetuses to be much like the effects that occur to women or men who smoke.  The same side effects a person experiences when they are smokers can be present to a fetus that is in the womb of a mother who is a smoker. Findings on new development related genes in correlation with pregnant smokers may help many understand about the connection between children health problems and smoking during pregnancy. Researchers have been intrigued with this topic and have began many studies on newborns to identify correlations between smoking while a fetus is still in the womb. Scientists have collected blood samples from umbilical cords of babies whose mothers are smokers and compared them to samples of blood of babies whose mothers are nonsmokers. The results showed that those babies who were born to smokers had 6,000 spots in which their DNA was chemically modified.

            Specific chemicals like carcinogens for example can cause mutations and therefore the increase of birth defects rises incredibly. Nearly half of the locations could be linked to specific genes including those involved in lung and nervous system development according to the article. Researchers also found that even in older children whose mothers had smoked during pregnancies DNA modifications were still found. It is important for women to know that although the fetus is not physically smoking the cigarette it does not mean it will not affect the fetus! Serious health issues and birth defects can be of consequence of this act. Perhaps if one knows they are unable to quit smoking, they should consider not having a baby after all. 


  1. I believe this is such an important issue everyone needs to be educated on. Smoking is such a common habit in society that has become a norm for everyone. When pregnant woman decided to smoke or drink, I feel they are forcing their child to participate in an activity that puts their life at risk. The child (fetus) is vulnerable and should not be put at risk in any situation.

  2. It is alarming to me that people continue to do this. The research is significant and it is selfish to smoke and expose the unborn fetus to these DNA modifying chemicals. If someone is a serious smoker, they should not become pregnant until they have quit. Not only are you shortening your own life by smoking, but also your child who has no say in the matter. It is good that the amount of smokers have gone down but it is still an issue. Hopefully numbers will continue to decrease.