Friday, March 11, 2016

Genetic Testing will be Publicly Avaiable

A genetic testing company, AmbryGenetics, is making genetic information from the people it has tested publicly available, which will have an enormous amount of data available to researchers looking for genes linked to various diseases. The public available test are made of 10,000 of their current customers into a database called AmbryShare. Image result for ambry genetics with gene of caNCER

AmbryShare will not contain the actual exome, it is the part of the genome formed by exons, the sequences which when transcribed remain within the mature RNA after introns are removed by RNA splicing, of each person. though it will include aggregated information on the genetic variants. Having information from numerous citizens is considered vital to identifying the genetic fundamentals that give to illnesses.
The people tested all have or currently had breast or ovarian cancer and were tested to see if they have genetic differences that amplify the risk of those diseases. they then sequenced their exomes, which they found to have the roughly 1.5 percent of a person’s genome that holds the contents for the proteins formed by the body.
The best part of the data being publicly available will be, for instance, a researcher could see how often a certain mutation occurs among the tested people available. Ones which occur regularly in the 10,000 people, but not within healthy people, could elevate the risk of developing those certain cancers.
I believe this will be beneficially to not only researcher but to all people. Being able to see others genes may be able to lead people in the direction of finding out their own. This study will bring on many new technologies and findings of diseases to come.

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