Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Is Alcohol linked to genes ?

    This article defines alcoholism as well as describes the reasoning behind it and ways to prevent it. Although alcoholism isn't directly linked to one specific gene. Many genes have been proven to have an impact on a person’s alcohol consumption. This article also mentions that genes are not the only reasons behind alcoholism, environment can also have a large impact. Some of the ways that can be used to prevent alcoholism, include delaying consumption, limiting consumption, seeking help, and abstaining. 

    I found this article very interesting because I have never thought about my genes affecting alcohol consumption. This article also included a person’s first-hand experience with alcoholism. In this article, the person was fortunate enough to educate himself and prevent it from having a large impact on his life. The addition of statistics also helped me better understand the effects that alcohol can have on people's lives. It was very informative and led to deeper thoughts.  

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