Friday, March 15, 2024

New Approach to Fight HIV

 mRNAs were found to be valuable in the COVID-19 pandemic. Researchers used the knowledge that they had from mRNAs and found that siRNAs are also a valuable tool in genetics. These siRNAs, or small interfering RNAs, regulate which genes or proteins are turned on or off in our cells. It was discovered that these showed a 73% reduction in HIV replication. HIV has two important aspects to it, Nef, a protein that prevents cells from activating autophagy, and CCR5, a gene that allows the virus to enter the cell. It would be these siRNAs that would target both Nef and CCR5 to help reduce the HIV replication. This particular form of gene therapy would be applied vaginally and the siRNAs would only release once inside the cells. 

This is truly an important breakthrough in medicine, as HIV has been a problem for many years now. With new knowledge and new ways to test pharmaceuticals, we can hopefully reach a cure soon. While this article talks about the female treatment, it leaves out any discoveries on male treatment for this disease. Both male and female populations are at risk for HIV and should both be studied and tested for treatments and cures. If they found that siRNAs can be used for HIV treatment in females, shouldn't it be possible for treatment in males?

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  1. It's amazing to see how the knowledge gained from mRNA research during the COVID-19 pandemic is now paving the way for new treatments for other formidable viruses like HIV. The focus on targeting both the Nef protein and the CCR5 gene to inhibit HIV replication is a smart strategy that could lead to significant advancements in treatment. It’s exciting and hopeful news, especially considering the long and challenging fight against HIV.