Sunday, March 17, 2024

Gene Therapy for High Cholesterol

 In 2023, two new gene therapies for high cholesterol were researched and found promising results. One of these therapies involved the gene-editing that targets the PCSK9 gene, this approach would make a small change in the gene. This editing would delete the gene's ability to charge a rise in the cholesterol levels. From extensive research, in theory, this would be a one time treatment that would last a lifetime. The second treatment focused on a particular type of cholesterol [lipoprotein(a)], which is a genetic condition, therefore diet and exercise would not make a difference. The study uses a drug called lipodisiran, which targets the mRNA. This targeted mRNA tells the body to produce Lp(a), but it is this drug that shuts down that process. Of course, there still needs to be more trials for both of these therapies, as they are new and had only a small sample size. 

In the United States many people face high cholesterol, whether it be from birth, genetic, or through their diet. If the situations are bad enough, diet and exercise can only go so far and the statins that they are prescribed might become too mild for their levels. Having these intense therapies would help millions of people, not only in America, but also all around the world. Dietary health is very important to a human being's wellness. Having a balanced diet can aid in other health problems and potentially prevent some. 


  1. I think this can be very helpful for individuals and families who may face issues with high cholesterol. There are a lot of people who diet and try their best to be healthy, but still have these issues which can now be helped through gene therapy.

  2. These gene therapies for high cholesterol are a beacon of hope, especially when diet, exercise, and traditional meds just don't cut it. The idea that a one-time treatment could potentially correct the issue at its genetic root is mind-blowing. For folks dealing with lipoprotein, it sounds like a game-changer since lifestyle changes can’t touch it.