Saturday, November 25, 2023

The Role of Genetics in Shaping Your Exercise Journey

           Exercise doesn't carry a tag stating “one size fits all.” A variety of new exercises are flooding health news articles to promote the best way to get in shape. Contrary to these articles, it's crucial to highlight the overlooked benefit of gene testing. Gene testing empowers individuals to tailor their exercise journey, leading to impactful and long-lasting results. Learning how to work alongside and understand our genes, can help to utilize the genes that influence the outcomes of different kinds of physical activity one can endure. A study led by experts from the Cambridge Centre for Sport & Exercise Sciences at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) in England examined 72% of the difference between people in performance outcome following a specific exercise can be due to genetic differences. The components are measured on three types of physical exercise: muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness, and anaerobic power. The study discovered 13 genes and associated alleles that are responsible for how an individual can undergo each of the three types of physical exercise. 

By prompting genetic testing, individuals can find the solution to what works for their genes. Beneficiaries are individuals ranging from patients in hospitals to olympic athletes. Individuals carry different genetic makeup, so no exercise regime can work for an entire population. Therefore, genetic testing can allow individuals to understand how to work alongside their genes, not against.


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  1. This is a good article, especially because I see so much of the "weight loss" and "exercise routine" posts on social media, and this puts it into perspective. Certain people can achieve abs or a "fit" appearance simply because of their genetics, including their metabolism and their likelihood for certain traits. People try to compare themselves and their progress to others, when in reality, that body shape/physique would not otherwise be attainable. Fascinating read.