Thursday, November 9, 2023

The Role of Genetics in Cancer Research

Genetics has played a fundamental role in the study of cancer for several decades even though most cancers are not exactly linked t inherited genes from parents. Normally, when cells grow old or destroyed, they die and new cells replace them. Now, during this process, it is possible for some genes in a cell to become abnormal, thereby making the cell to grow and divide when they should not. These abnormal cells can form lumps of tissues in the body called tumors. Some tumors are cancerous while others are not.

Some of the genetic changes cause cancer affect three main types of genes: tumor suppressor genes, proto-oncogenes and DNA repair genes. Another name for these changes is drivers of cancer. Due to the progress in studies by biologists on molecular changes that cause cancer, biologists have discovered certain mutations usually occur in many types of cancer. This progress has also led to the creation of many cancer treatments that combat gene mutations that are in cancer.


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  1. Breast cancer is very common in my family so studies like this are important to help people like me, take preventative measures if they know they have hereditary chance of getting cancer. I think there should be more studies done on why the grow and divide abnormally as this is the main cause of cancerous tumors.