Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Genetic Testing to Aid In the prevention of High Cholesterol

 Cholesterol is a substance that is found in your blood and is "waxy". Your body needs cholesterol to build and to continue to build healthy cells. However, higher levels of cholesterol can lead to heart disease. Scientists now are studying and testing to see if there is way to reduce these cardiovascular risks and see if it is heritable as well. There are procedures already formed for when an individual does get high cholesterol and is at the risk of heart disease. These scientists are studying individuals with high cholesterol and looking at the specific gene to see if there are ways to combat it. However, with their studied new areas are and still be discovered. For example, researchers from the European Alzheimer’s & Dementia Biobank Mendelian Randomization (EADB-MR) have found that determined increases HDL cholesterol and high blood pressure are both associated with a higher chance of developing Alzheimer's disease. So with all the research and findings that these scientists discover, also comes a lot of factors that they did not know about as well and shows that we still have a lot to learn and study.





  1. I believe studies like this are important to help people take preventative measures for their health. High cholesterol and other diseases are not always solely based on genetics but knowing what is hereditary in your family can help future outcomes.

  2. These findings are super interesting. My grandfather had high cholesterol and Alzheimer's, so I definitely believe in this correlation and the possibility of high cholesterol having links elsewhere.