Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Can genes affect your choice of diet?

    People can stick to a certain diet, change their food preferences, or have no dietary restrictions at all. These preferences can be based on religious affiliation, wanting a change, or simply just a personal preference. Having said that, research is being conducted to determine if your genes can influence diet preferences.

    A study was conducted consisting of 5,300 strict vegetarians compared to 329,000 non-vegetarians who were the control group.  It was found that 31 genes could be potentially affecting diet choices. Then, most of these genes are associated with metabolizing fat and/or brain function. Dr. Nabeel Yaseen a professor at Northwestern's School of Medicine believes that people who prefer a vegetarian diet have a genetic advantage allowing them to synthesize lipids in plants and other foods just as well if they were to eat meat. People have a driving factor for food and drink preferences based on how their body processes it and the feeling they get afterwards. This creates food likes and dislikes.

    About 3% to 4% of Americans are vegetarian. Studies like the one being described not only can provide information about genetic preferences, but better food options and guidance for those who do have dietary restrictions. 

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  1. This was very interesting, learning that genetic code can change the way your diet is will solve a lot of problems for certain people. This study will open a world of genetics and diet that we havent even thought about yet.