Tuesday, September 12, 2023

DNA mutations for harm potential

DNA mutations for harm potential

Genetic Mutations are changes in which a DNA sequence of an organism changes during cell division and makes copies of themselves. Scientists at a place called DeepMind have built an artificial intelligence program in which they can predict whether or not genetic mutations can either cause a disease or be harmless. The program that makes the predictions are about missense mutations in which a single letter is misspelled in the DNA code. A typical person has about 9,000 missense mutations meaning only 2% have been known to be either pathogenetic or benign. So, researchers used AlphaMissense to set a program to see how the mutation affects human protein. The conclusion was that 57% of missense mutations were most likely harmless given that 32% were harmful. Scientists have given out some predictions to help geneticists how mutations work and how to find rare disorders. The program that they have also may help figure out mutations that have not been linked to a specific disorder and can help doctors find a treatment.

AI is great for many things but in my opinion AI's are complicated to figure out and I don't think we fully perfect it. But it is cool that the AI that scientists are using can generate a score on how risky the genetics change on a human. But knowing what mutation is going on in your DNA is important because it can provide valuable information about your genetics and potential health risks. It may also help you understand your medical decision or even figure out your inherited conditions.

In this image of the Gene mutation it shows the AI application in which it can examine the risk of multiple diseases or can respond to a different pharmaceutical interventions.
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