Friday, December 9, 2022

Scientists modify yeast cells and turn it into a cannabis tracker

 Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have modified a baker's yeast cell and replaced it with a sex drive that causes the cell to turn red when it detects cannabis. This modification can detect not only cannabis, but molecules with similar functions to cannabinoids. Humans use GCPRs (G-Protein Coupled Receptors in order to taste and smell. The researchers of this study used these same receptors in order to create the signal. 

In a singe day of testing this receptor, researchers found four new substances that had not been discovered, but could potentially be used for anti inflammatory purposes or pain relief. 

I am interested to see how this study develops, it seems like the sensor detects so many different substances that it might not be useful for testing for cannabinoids, but I think it could potentially help detect alternate uses in different substances.


  1. Fascinating how something like new modifications of a gene or cell can lead to things we can use to exploit for the betterment of us.

  2. It seems like this modification could have many uses, such as detecting harmful substances in food and water preventing illness from contaminated sources.

  3. I find it interesting how fast testing for the receptor is taking to get actual results

  4. I find it interesting that they used the same receptor genes that humans use to taste to help identify cannabis. I hope that this could also be further made to be able to detect other substances for the betterment of people.