Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Genetic Risk for Alzheimer's


    Those with the gene variant, APOE4, are more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease and  through genetic testing, can be a way to find out if you have it. The APOE gene is important for formation of protein that carries cholesterol throughout the bloodstream and has 3 different variants. Scientists learned that depending on which variant you have will help determine the chances of developing Alzheimer's, APOE4 having increased risk, APOE3 being the more neutral/common type, and APOE2 having decreased risk. Since ~25% people carry one of the increased gene variant, APOE4, their chances of acquiring Alzheimer's is increased by 2-3 times and even more if said person has 2 or more copies of APOE4. 

    Even though it is a chance so it is not a guaranteed thing that you will acquire Alzheimer's and vis-versa where if you don't have the increased chance you can still get the disease. There are many ways to help reduce the overall chance such as being active, a good diet and limiting alcohol consumption. Things such as age and family history play a major role on whenever you have a high likely of acquiring the disease as they can not be changed and have a greater impact on your chances but being conscious and taking steps can be vital. 


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  1. I found it very interesting that the APOE gene facilitates the transfer of cholesterol and phospholipids between cells. I further discovered that problems with brain cells' ability to process fats may play a vital role in Alzheimer's disease. There is then an abnormal amount of fat that builds up and takes up space around brain cells, damaging nerve cells in the hippocampus, leading to memory loss.