Wednesday, November 23, 2022

New mRNA technology discovered


A team of researchers at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology have recently discovered a new way of synthesizing mRNA that can increase its protein production by up to ten times. The group found that by editing tail sequences of mRNA, they can increase the amount of protein created from mRNA and increase the duration of protein synthesis. This new method could be used to increase the effectiveness of mRNA-based vaccines, including the COVID-19 vaccine. The group is now looking into its use for vaccines for cancer treatment. 

This discovery sounds like it will be extremely valuable. I was especially interested in the uses for the Covid vaccine. The article said that in theory, this technology could be used to increase the effectiveness of the Covid vaccine and make it so that the required doses are less frequent. That would be a great breakthrough in healthcare, if the technology works as intended. More effective cancer treatment vaccines is also a promising thought.


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