Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Doppelgängers Share Similar Genes


A photographer, Francois Brunelle, has a picture series called “I’m not a look alike”. This series is photographs of doppelgängers. Dr. Manel Esteller used participants in this photography series and studied their genetic relationship. Facial recognition software showed that the similarities in their faces received scores close to identical twins. Dr. Esteller found that these people share a significant amount of genes. They also tested their epigenomes and microbiomes which were very different.  They concluded that their similar appearance was due to similarities in DNA and not their environment.  


This article was interesting because there are people that are not related however, they share many of the same genes and look so much alike. The article also discusses that because these people have similar genes, they can also have similar behaviors. I found it fascinating that people who have no relation to each other can have such similar DNA. Much more research can be done on this topic regarding genetics and psychology.

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