Tuesday, November 22, 2022

New Zealand Targets Cow Burps to Help Reduce Global Warming




 Since cows can not properly digest grass like how we normally think they digest it, they have special bacteria in side their stomachs that allow them digest it but in turn results in a by product of methane gas. This is one of the many ways that is impacting and increasing global warming as cows produce almost 220 pounds of methane yearly. Farm animals contribute to almost ~16% of greenhouse emissions. To combat this, scientist in New Zealand are doing techniques to cows such as selective breeding, genetically modifying the feed, implementing methane inhibitors, and even giving a vaccine.

 Every time we eat meat, there is an environmental cost that is involved, so humans are once again helping contribute to the global warming crisis. Even with steps to combat this situation, and things such as the vaccine not being ready any time soon, the other preventive measures being implemented can greatly help reduce global warming 


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