Sunday, November 27, 2022

A multivalent mRNA influenza vaccine

In a recent study discussed in the article; A multivalent nucleoside-modified mRNA vaccine against all known influenza virus subtypes, a new vaccine was developed and encodes hemagglutinin antigens from all of the twenty known influenza A and B viruses and their subtypes and lineages. Seasonal influenza vaccines vary in effectiveness due to the difficulty in predicting what influenza virus subtype will be prevalent. The new mRNA influenza vaccine showed protection against the antigenically variable influenza virus by inducing antibodies against the multiple antigens. Not only do multivalent vaccines work for influenza but are now also being used to battle the new COVID-19 variants. According to Paul C Guest  in order to manage the pandemic more effectively a multivalent vaccine needs to be made that recognize the mutated regions in SARS_CoV-2 spike protein. 

As an individual entering the healthcare profession it is vital to know how the influenza vaccine works and how it protects individuals from the virus. I find it astonishing that people within this profession are able to still improve vaccines that have been around for so long and as a community we are close to being able to have one shot that protects from most influenza A and B subtypes. Influenza has a large death rate for elderly and as someone who sees geriatric patients daily I am happy a solution is being presented for extra protection for them and others. 

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  1. This is super important, it would take the guesswork out of trying to figure out what the common flu strains will be in a year