Friday, April 29, 2022

Study Finds Human DNA Variants that Relate to Severe COVID-19 Cases

After analyzing human DNA variants related to severe COVID-19 cases are also related to other serious medical conditions. This includes blood clots and altered autoimmune responses. The data used for this study came from a program by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, which has one of the largest biobanks in the world. Examining a variety of DNA from them is ideal as the DNA could be exploited by Covid-19. After obtaining this data, the researchers began to look into whether any other health conditions were more likely to be associated with the variants associated with more severe Covid-19. 

In order for this to be done, over 1,500 phenotypes had to be examined. This means that the identifiable traits of disease were found using an electronic health record. According to one of the researchers, one of the things that stood out to them was the high number of immune mediated conditions that shared “genetic architecture” with severe COVID-19. These variants were associated with Covid-19 in the ABO locus. The patients carrying these variants were more likely to have conditions related to blood clots. However, some of the variants were associated with not some having some of these autoimmune conditions

This article gave me insight on how genetic variants could relate to the severity of Covid-19, which is something that I hadn’t thought about prior to reading this article about this study at the University of Pennsylvania. The findings within this study challenges some of the assumptions that are made about Covid-19. The research also shines a light on the risks that people with certain DNA are predisposed to. Linking genetic variations with data provided by biobanks is imperative and extremely valuable both in current and future crises. This is an article that shares the same topic.


  1. According to Penn Medicine News, in Philadelphia, a collection of DNA variants are tied to more cases in COVID-19. And not only that, but it also ties together with serious conditions like an individual dealing with blood clots, as studies shows. Approximately, 16 new genetic variants are associated with COVID-19.

  2. This also supports genetic predispositions impacting the severity of COVID symptoms. For example, certain genetic variants can increase susceptibility to tuberculosis in those infected with COVID.