Sunday, February 6, 2022

Preference for Black Coffee and Dark Chocolate has Been Linked to Genetics

   An article from U.S. News talks about how scientists have discovered that people who like black coffee likely inherited this preference from someone in their family. Scientists found that black coffee drinkers' have a genetic variation that allow them to metabolize caffeine much faster than a regular person. Because they metabolize caffeine faster, the stimulating effect that caffeine has wears off much faster as well, and this results in them drinking more or stronger coffee. Scientists believe that these people begin to association the bitter taste of coffee with mental alertness and the stimulation caffeine gives them, and they tend to have a preference for other bitter foods like dark chocolate.

    As someone who does not particularly like coffee or drink it, I find this very interesting especially since I could never understand why some people find black coffee so appealing. It is amazing to learn that a genetic variation that changes the way someone metabolizes caffeine can create this learned behavior and preference for bitter tasting foods.

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  1. I never knew preferences to certain foods or beverages could be linked to genetics. Both of my maternal grandparents love black coffee and always refuse to drink it if it’s anything different. It makes me wonder if their parents also preferred that as well. I wonder if this also works for people’s preferences to sour or spicy foods as well.

  2. I think this article is really interesting! As someone who enjoys both black coffee and dark chocolate I find it cool that it is a genetic thing and not just a preference. My dad also likes both of these things, maybe that's where I get it from.