Monday, October 25, 2021

European Goose Disease: European Variants of Parvovirus Detected Through PCR


    A study led by scientists at Sivas Cumhuriyet University in Turkey have found that new variations of Derzsy's disease, a parvovirus that affects many vertebrate species, have appeared in Europe. Using tissue samples from deceased eggs and infants of geese, the scientists were able to isolate the DNA of the virus from within the cells. Standard PCR was applied to create samples of DNA from the isolated virus that expressed the identity of the virus type. As a result, the nucleotide sequences had been compared to previously known variations and unique amino acids were identified. This study may assist in understanding what level of contagiousness and fatality may result from the spread of these variations.

Hopefully the study of these parvoviruses shows that the current vaccine is effective in treating/preventing more loss of livestock and reduced transmissibility between the animals and humans. I would be very upset to learn of more diseases affecting and hurting farmed organisms. I hope for efficacy for the sake of farmer's livelihood, goose health, and other organism's health in the face of a novel parvovirus variation.

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