Monday, November 1, 2021

Genomic Compatibility???

    Researchers from the University of Colorado at Boulder concluded that most people in their study of non-Hispanic white Americans were attracted to things they found in themselves, body type, age, race, income, and education to name a few. This isn’t a surprise to many of us as having a similar lifestyle in a relationship is usually ideal. They also found that after studying many genomes from an array of individuals in their study, those who had similarities in their genomic makeup were more likely to be attracted to each other. These researchers also begged the question of expanding the study to interracial couples and seeing if they could find genomic compatibility between couples from different backgrounds. This is an extremely interesting idea, similar to that of my previous post. If we can find certain genetic markers that are attracted to each other then scientists could potentially be creating “perfect matches.” Although I still think the idea of a perfect match is a little far-fetched for the time being. This type of matching could very well be something to look for in the year to come.

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  1. This unfortunately seems like it could veer into Eugenic and racially motivated goals if not properly controlled, but it seems that expanding into couples of varying ethnicity could actually reverse any damage done to the public's views on this study. As a person in a interethnic relationship (I don't use the term race, as there are no different "races" of humans left alive. We are all Homo sapiens), I wonder if this will put the final nail in the coffin of the hateful idea of dating only in one's ethnicity. I can only hope.