Friday, August 6, 2021

The Testing of Covid-19


    During this pandemic the Covid-19 virus has killed so many people and caused chaos around the whole world. In the beginning of the pandemic, there was no testing for it, after there are two main testing known as PCR and rapid. The most accurate testing would be the PCR which most of them get send to the lab. Most of the rapid testing are done in office, and most of them are antigen tests. 
    These test are performed by a nasal swab, which is the most effective way. It can also be done by saliva, it is less accurate than the nasal, but it is another option. The testing feels as if you had water up your nose. Unfortunately, this test must be perform in order to detect for the virus. As an MA (medical assistant) who performs testing and has been tested many times, the best test to choose is the PCR, most places that require a test ask for a PCR test. Rapid antigen test can come back as a false negative. It depends on the patient, and it is important to talk to your healthcare provider. 


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  1. It's so crazy to think that one can have a false positive or false negative COVID test. That can't be fun. I feel that it adds to the plethora of chaos we have already. I wonder if false positive or negative tests are the result of a testing error or a faulty test. Either way, I hope that as time progresses we can reach 99% accurate testing.