Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Genetic Testing in Pregnancies



During pregnancy some testing are needed to make sure the fetus will be born healthy and without any complications. Some are testing are amniocentesis, CVS also known as chorionic villus sampling and sequential screening. Amniocentesis is performed when a health care provider injects a needle into the mother's pregnant sac and collects amniotic fluid and is send to the lab to be examined and tested for the number of chromosomes. These are diagnostic tests for genetic disorders and/or birth defects; these tests should be performed especially if there is a history of genetic disorder or birth defects on either side of the mother or father's side. Some of the tests and/or screening can only be performed during pregnancy, but others can be performed before pregnancy if needed. For example, some birth defects that can be tested for are Down syndrome, and open neural tube defects. Unfortunately, when performing some of these tests, there is a chance of having a miscarriage. These test make it controversial if the mother needs to have these type of test performed.

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