Tuesday, May 4, 2021

CRISPR gene editing could reveal horrific downsides in embryos!

 CRISPR is a new experimental genome editing tool which is used to alter the genomes of embryos. In theory this could be amazing with its ability to predict and treat lifelong genetic defects prior to the child's birth! However due to many factors such as funding, regulation, and unwanted side effects the CRISPR method may be forgone! A preprint done on june 5th showed the accidental deletion of almost 22% of gene coding. Luckily this embryo was not used for the purpose of birth but simply for testing yet the results are outstanding! While the CRISPR genome editing tool has many uses and can provide many cures for diseases it is still far too experimental and is not safe for public usage!

CRISPR Can Create Unwanted Duplications During Knock-ins | The Scientist  Magazine®

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  1. I agree that there are many highly experimental aspects of CRISPR. Scientists must consider the possible side effects of utilizing gene-editing technology as it becomes more widely used to ensure that there is minimal chance of anything going wrong.