Saturday, May 1, 2021

Bipolar and Race


Bipolar and Race

Bipolar is a genetic disease that is highlighted by two keys things. Mania and depression. Mania is a high where racing thoughts and actions occur. Manic depression is where the patient experiences severe withdraws. The point of this article is to see if race has any difference. The article does a great job of clarifying this. Race and severity of bipolar don't correlate. Bipolar is a mental health issue that needs to be focused on more. I have someone in my family with it and I hope on day that a cure can be found so that his brain chemistry is in tact. Bipolar is a struggle that most people don't even notice. 

Bipolar disorder and race: Disparities in diagnosis and treatment (

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  1. Really intersting post! I would never assumed there to be a correlation between race and susceptibility to bipolar disorder, It is slightly disappointing that there is no correlation. However I also wouldn't be able to understand a correlation as-well! I also 100% agree that this disease should be cured as soon as humanly possible. It truly affects millions without most of us even noticing! Great post Brandon!