Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Feline Genetics and domestication

 One research team was curious about the domestication of felines and their seeming predisposition to this seemingly house pet role, Their research discovered similar to dogs that throughout the decade's felines have been almost selectively bred to be less 'standoffish or confrontational' and more 'sly' animals. 

Another research team looked at a broad overview of the overall genetics around felines. From testing feline genetics it was found that there was a correlation between the behavior of the feline and their possibility for domestication, along with that they discovered much data around the behavior and the physical appearance of the feline. a majority of this is speculation and further testing will prove to reveal whether this to be true or not. 

Article 1

Article 2


  1. That is very interesting, I would not had believed that there is a correlation between the behavior of the feline and their possibility for domestication.

  2. This was an interesting review to read. The further testing would help in regards to making sure the correlation of the possibility of domestication and behavior is true.

  3. I found your post fascinating. It makes sense that humans selectively chose genes that cause cats to be more friendly and visually appealing over a long period to get the house cats we now have today. I wonder what further research will tell us about our feline companions regarding behavior correlated to their domestication.