Monday, March 29, 2021

Gene that increase in activity after simulated death of brain tissue

In the article by Erin Blakemore it talks about how there is brain tissue that after death is still alive.  The article goes into detail about how the glial cells of the brain increase their genetic activity and increase their size while also growing long arms.  These activities peaked at 12 hours after the simulated death of a brain where as other brain activities would have stopped all together.  This did not surprise the researchers at all but what did is the amount of growth that they observed in the glial cells after.  Brain research is widely used but what is not used is research of a post-mortem brain.  I think this is cool but what if we study this a figure out that it could turn into a zombie apocalypses.

Image of Glial Cell

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  1. This was a really interesting article! I found it interesting how complex the brain organ is, and how little we actually know. You would think that it would die with other tissues, but the fact that there is still activity is super cool. Thanks for sharing this!