Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Ebola Survivor Starts new Outbreak

This article talks about a man who started another outbreak of Ebola over 5 years later.  Scientist did genetic sequencing and found that the genes of the Ebola virus in the person were so similar that they must be closely related.  According to the one of the doctors for there to be so little genomic changes means that the virus had to have been hibernating for most of the part.  This is just a shock to everyone because people thought that Ebola could only survive for 500 days but with this happening they will need to further their research.  With everything going on with Covid I can not imagine if Covid some how could stay dormant for so long.


  1. Oh god this sound crazy, i did not know a virus like Ebola can hibernate in the body.

  2. A hibernating virus is a scary thought! It's crazy how it stayed in his system for so long!