Wednesday, December 9, 2020

What are Some Genetic Disorders?

The first kind of genetic disorder is the single gene disorder. This is where a mutation affects only one gene. The next kind of disorder is chromosomal disorders, where chromosomes, or parts of chromosomes, are missing or changed in any way. The final kind of genetic disorder is a complex disorder. This is where there is a mutation in two or more genes.  There are a whole bunch of diseases that stem from these disorders. An example of a common single gene disorder is sickle cell anemia. An example of a chromosomal disorder is Down syndrome, and for a complex disorder, colon cancer. You can inherit these gene disorders from one or even both parents. However, you can also develop them in your lifetime, and that could also be hereditary or not. Genetic tests of blood or other tissue can help identify these genetic disorders.


  1. Do you think gene therapy can be used to help treat these issues?

  2. Can gene editing the embryos "fix" or remedy some of these disorders?

  3. If the genes were edited in the embryo, could other genetic disorders occur?