Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Is Anxiety and Depression genetic?

 Anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders are becoming more and more present in the public consciousness, many people suffer from them.  While these disorders may have many situational or environmental causes, but with so many people battling these mental disorders, could it be genetic?  Major depressive disorder (MDD) and neuroticism traits have some genetic susceptibilities. Studies have shown some correlation between polymorphism in the serotonin transporting region (5HTTLPR) and bipolar disorder, suicidal behaviors, and depression-related traits, but nothing yet to show it is responsible for MDD. 

Mental disorders are incredibly complex and multifaceted, so there is no exact answer to whether these disorders are inherited.  However, studies show that there could possibly be genetic factors involved.  Seratonin transmitter mutations have been linked to Bipolar and other similar disorders.  There is still a lot of research that needs to be conducted to determine the exact gene sequences or mutations responsible. 



  1. I believe that some mental disorders are genetic but a lot seem to be caused by environmental factors. Some people who have MDD or anxiety usually grow to have these mental disorders because of school or work. Of course there are some serial killers who genetically had BPD but their environmental factors made it worse.

  2. I think that a majority of mental disorders are brought upon by social life and upbringing. Kinda like social psychology. In a way I feel like what these people are surrounded by, can lead to the disorders they are experiencing.

  3. i think that mental disorders are caused by sociocultural factors more than genetics, but it is interesting to see that a connection between genetics and these disorders has been discovered. i would like to see this expanded since these are serious problems people have to face, and the more information on them the better.