Friday, December 11, 2020

Genetic Factors Influence Takayasu Arteritis Disease

     In this article posted by Medical Xpress the genetic factors that impact one's risk for inflammatory disease were studied. Takayasu is a rare inflammatory disease in which the aorta and other large blood vessels and inhibits regular blood flow throughout the body. The cause of this disease was completely unknown until now; discrpancies in various regions of different genomes have been linked to different immune cells within this disease. The information about the disease that was found was similar to crohns disease. Approaches similar to the treatment of IBS are being used to remedy this disease. I found this arice to be very well written. I found it interesting to read about how the process of discovering new disease operates.


  1. I really found this article interesting because I actually didn't know that diseases can look similar to each other. Also I actually real love the name it has.

  2. I was very curious while reading the article to discover that some diseases can be closely similar to each other.