Thursday, November 26, 2020

Weight Control: Will Power or Genetics?


    In the New York Times article "This Genetics Mutation Makes People Feel Full - All the Time", The research of the relationship between the MC4R gene and weight control is explored. The author of this article writes about researcher Dr. Sadaf Farooqi, professor of metabolism and medicine at the University of Cambridge, and her colleagues, who have done extensive research on the effect the MC4R gene has on weight control. Farooqi found that while most people with MC4R mutations tend to be severely overweight because they rarely feel full, some people have a MC4R mutation that makes them rarely feel hungry.

   This mutation keeps the MC4R gene turned on, while other MC4R mutations keeps the MC4R gene turned off. This proves that the cause of weight gain is more rooted in biological factors than most people realize. It's not always about self-control, it can also depend on genetic factors that people don't have any control over. Regardless, this issue needs more research done, but this means that there could be all sorts of drugs made to control hunger and satiety, to help with these genetic mutations.

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