Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Genetic Variations in Africa


        Since Africa has always had a large population there has been a theory that all human have descended from the continent. However not many individuals from Africa have been asked to participate in genetic studies to see if this is true. Zane Lombard and his colleagues studied 426 individuals from 13 African countries to see if their genomes could show any signs of variations that would help prove this theory. They ended up discovering over 3 million new variations as well as many regions of Africa that have shown signs of natural selection. Studying genomes of these individuals is important because it helps to see how past individuals migrated to different places around the world. According to this study, Zambia was a very popular migrant place. In my opinion it's quite obvious that Africa was a big pool of human descendants and hopefully more individuals from different African countries participate willingly so scientists can discover more about humanity.,about%20170%2C000%20years%20ago1.

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