Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Opioids Prescriptions Link to Major Depression


 In this study, Rosoff D, Davey Smith, George MD, and Lohoff, F MD investigate is genetics have a direct correlation to prove that opioid prescription lead to major depression, anxiety, and stress- related disorders. Within this study they a 2-sample mendelian randomization (MR) which measures two samples to study the risk factors so in this case they studied opioid prescriptions risk factors to lead to depression and anxiety. Samples for the MR were taken from genome-wide association studies (GWAS) to study gene liability between opioids and depression. After this experiment was completed, the percentage estimates remained constant between both GWAS results and single MR which helped prove the theory that opioids play a part in major depression. In my opinion I think more information related to opioids and its dangers need to be shared to the public. More education in schools and hospitals need to be taught so we can have a decrease in the link between the two.



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  1. This topic is very important to know about and unfortunately, very few people know about it. The downfalls of opioids should be shared to patients just as much as the upsides of taking it. This will help a person decide whether taking these medications will actually help them or not. I completely agree with your opinion.