Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Melanoma Risk tracked through DNA Analysis




New research developed a method of tracking and rating the rate melanoma spread throughout the body. Melanoma arises from genetic mutations in special cells called melanocytes. Sequencing DNA from samples of melanocytes in living melanoma patients and non cancerous cadaver origins, they determined a higher percentage of melanocytes in the melanoma patients. In their research, they stumbled across many people that had mutations related to melanoma unknowingly and many have a higher chance of further mutation (dependent on sun exposure). The way this helps people is that dermatologists can now have a method to test the melanocyte amount in the patient so they will know their risk of developing melanoma. 

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  1. Really interesting article! This discovery hopefully will allow scientists to determine risk of melanoma as well as predict the severity. If we are able to link it to mutations, I wonder if we would eventually be able to use something like Crispr to alter these mutations or find a way to block these mutations from happening?