Thursday, November 19, 2020

Is the Science behind Elon Musk's Neurolink questionable?


Elon Musk recently took his Neurolink device for a test drive by implanting it in the brain of a pig, whose name is Gertrude.  When asked about the science behind his device and if it was realistic, he dismissed the criticism.    His technology works by using electrodes to translate neuron information, this can control external extremities or robotic/prosthetic limbs.  The idea of using signals from the brain to control unnatural limbs is not new, science has been exploring the idea since the 1950s.  

However, Musk is taking the idea to a whole other level.  He wants to read and write memories, encourage telepathy,  and to intertwine artificial intelligence and human life.  The question must be posed, will human life be lost if AI(artificial intelligence).  In Elon Musks' eyes, this is a way for humans to keep up with technological advancements.  Studies have shown that this will not be an easy feat.  The brain is extremely complex and will not be easy to hack.  


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