Sunday, November 29, 2020

Genetics and Vision Complications

 DNA health testing to detect eye diseases? - All About Vision

Eyes are a very important organ from the vision system. Different people struggle with the different illnesses that are for their eyes. For example, cross-eyes, lazy eye, nearsidedness, farsightedness, and even astigmatism. now the question is, "Does genetics have anything to do with these various eye complications?". Genetics ophthalmologic researches now have evidence that vision issues among children and adults are genetically determined.  In addition, researchers explain that more 60% or more of infants with blindness are inherited by eye diseases. This topic has always been on my mind since I was diagnosed with nearsidedness in the 3rd grade. I always wondered if I got it from my mother. Turns out, that I actually did. Genetics really does do wonders.,hyperopia%20(farsightedness)%20and%20astigmatism.


  1. I am also someone who is nearsighted along with all three of my siblings! Almost positive that it comes from my father since he can hardly function without his glasses as opposed to my mother with 20/20 vision. It would be interesting to know if the severity of his poor eyesight really predisposed me and my sibling to be effect with vision problems.

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