Sunday, November 29, 2020

Link between Miscarriages and Maternal Genes

Miscarriages are the the most common complication of pregnancy, affecting 15% of pregnancies. Two thirds of this 15% are undiagnosed and unrecognized. Studies found a plethora of different associations, placental biology, asthma depression, and irritable bowel movements, smoking, mental health, general well-being. Miscarriage can lead to depression and cardiovascular disease. This was a large study involving genetic info from 420,000 women.

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  1. Miscarriages are pretty common and it is true that a lot of the time the causes are unknown. But what is it exactly about the mothers genes that causes miscarriages? A lot of the listed factors above are stimulus reasons that cause miscarriages. Is there a like between placental biology and the moms genes that causes miscarriages? Interestingly what I hadn´t known was that after a woman miscarries she could potentially contract cardiovascular disease. Which goes to show that both pregnancy and miscarriages can alters the functions of the human body.