Monday, November 9, 2020

Gene editing may help obesity in future


Humans have different types of fats. One type is white type which is what makes human obese. Another type is the brown type which burns energy and keeps people lean. Scientists in this article have tried to treat obesity by turning this white fat into brown. To achieve this, the researchers used CRISPR-Cas9. They used this technology to insert a molecular switch into the DNA of white fat cells. This boosted how much protein was made, which then turned the white fat cells into human brown-like ones. This was then transplanted into mice. They did a study with many different groups of mice and measured many different numbers like blood sugar. The mice with more brown cells ended up being less obese. This scientist hopes this will one day treat obese in humans. In my opinion, I believe this is a steppingstone to curing obesity. Changing these cells to burn energy rather than store can help a lot of people. This is a good start to help genetics in humans.

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