Thursday, November 12, 2020

Easter Island Found by South Americans.

Easter Island statues: One mystery solved by researchers | CNN Travel

French Polynesia | Oceania Expeditions

 South Americans Reached Polynesia 800 years ago

Over 800 years ago DNA studies show the indigenous people in South America traveled over 7,000 Km of open sea to reach Polynesia. The South Americans were said to mate with the inhabitants of the island during the initial period of discovery. The ancestry was then spread far east to Easter Island and showed that the ancestors of the people who built the famous statues in Easter island had ancestry from South Americans. To this day the way Easter Island became populated is under debate. One study believes it was possible to drift by a wooden raft from Peru's coast to Polynesia. Most scholars believe at that time it was assumed Asians voyaged to Western Polynesia and then inhabited more towards the east. Ioannidis of Stanford University completed a study of molecular markers in the DNA of 807 individuals from 17 islands in polynesia. They compared the length of the DNA segments shared by both groups to find when Indigenous American DNA was first introduced. The results found several matches around 1150-1380, but the results can't establish which islanders mated with the South Americans before spreading it elsewhere. I believe there is a strong possibility that South Americans did reach Easter island at one point in history and mated with the native Polynesians. 

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