Saturday, November 28, 2020

Does Genetics Affect Hair Growth?

Into the Genetic Weeds of Hair Growth · Institute for Systems Biology

Just like many other things that are effected by genetics, so is hair growth. It is told that genetics determines how a person's hair grows by length, thickness, and color. Unfortunately, there are some things that put genetics at question. These few things can be from coloring or getting your hair done. When your hair grows naturally, then it is all genetics. When you add heat or change the color it then hair growth is not about genetics anymore. In addition, once you mess with your hair in any way, it is very hard to get it back the way it was in the beginning. Another thing that effects hair growth are stress, physical activity, and hair care. Yes, there might be all these factors that may change our hair growth, but genetics is the more dominate factor.,stay%20in%20the%20growth%20phase.&text=They%20damage%20our%20hair%2C%20cause,factor%20that%20controls%20hair%20growth.


  1. As a barber I see people scared to lose their hair because their father, grandfather or relative is bald. Considering there are a-lot of environmental factors and the genetics for hair depend on more than one gene, you can have a full head of hair at the same age your father or brother could be completely bald.

  2. it is interesting, personally i heard many theories of why hair changes but yeah genetics is the most significant out of all variables. but at least its clear that genetics alone will not make us have hair until we are old, what we do with it can affect as well and that is good to know.