Saturday, November 28, 2020

A genetic link to predict Alzheimers disease


Scientists at Tufts University School of Medicine came across a pattern while researching Alzheimers disease. Their initial goal was to find mechanisms that result in Alzheimers over time but are undetectable because of their lack of symptoms in the beginning. They scientists found a mechanism in the brain that causes a traffic jam of enzymes. This mechanism is found to be a product of a genetic mutation. Which increases the amount of amyloid beta. Which is a big cause of Alzheimers disease. This is a very big find for the medical community because it has been very hard to predict Alzheimers up until recently. This is mainly due to the lack of symptoms until it is too late or untreatable. However with this new discovery it may be possibly to detect the onset of Alzheimers years in advance due to the discovery of this mechanism in the neurons of the brain. Treating this mechanism early has show in experiments to prove some help to delaying or protecting against the disease. However In the late stages of this mechanism treatment has offered no help. This is still all in trials and still being researched however, so there is still hope from this trial to have an even more massive breakthrough. (staff)

Source: staff, Science X. “Found: A Genetic Link to Molecular Events That Precede Symptoms in Alzheimer's Disease.” Medical Xpress - Medical Research Advances and Health News, Medical Xpress, 18 Nov. 2020, 

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