Sunday, November 29, 2020

Can you smell ants too?

 Scrolling on TikTok until five a.m. might not be great, but at least it can teach you some things.

Like the fact that some people can smell ants??

After a video sparked a debate on TikTok, people started wondering whether it was actually possible to smell tiny little ants. And yes, it is. According to Clint Penick, an ant researcher and assistant professor at Kennesaw State University, ants release a pungent smell when in danger or dead. One of these specific smells is formic acid sprayed by carpenter ants which are a very common house ant. It is believed by some that the ability to smell ants is genetic, leading people to conclude that as the reason some people smell this scent on ants more than others. I've never really thought of smelling an ant to pinpoint a smell's location, but next time I see one, I might have to...

So can you smell ants?

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