Sunday, October 25, 2020

Predicting which kids will succeed in school by their genes

According to researchers, there is a test that shows genetic likelihood as people grow up due to their specific combination of genetic variations. The test is known as the polygenic score; most scientists are using it to test the obesity and the cancer rate in patience. Due to the discovery of the effecting on life overtime chances, researchers have started to test the effect it has on academics in people.  With the polygenic score still being a relatively new tool, tests aren't as accurate, and mistakes do happen from time to time. The test is a prediction of what could happen, and it could change due to the environment around them. Many scientists and researchers have tried to find an answer for education and how genetic variations affect it, but no one fully knows how.,for%20having%20coronary%20heart%20disease.

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  1. Hi Danielle,
    This was an interesting post, I would never have thought your genes could effect things like how you'll do in school. I always thought these kind of things were only environmental but turns out I was wrong. Great work!
    - Rikin Patel