Sunday, October 18, 2020

 Common Cold Cure Possible?

Common Cold: Symptoms, Treatment, Causes, vs Flu, Duration & Prevention

    Studies completed by researchers at Stanford University and the University of California- San Francisco found it may be possible to protect ourselves from the common cold and other viral diseases by disabling just one protein in our cells. The approach of targeting proteins in cells has worked before to stop other viruses associated with asthma and polio. At least half of the common cold cases are a Rhinovirus, which are mutation prone and you can get them often. The way the researchers believe will stop this is by disabling the protein that allows for Enteroviruses, including the Rhinovirus to replicate. To see what proteins in human cells help replicate the virus. the scientists generate a. cultured line of human cells that can possibly be affected by this. When finding the cell they affect them with two different viruses and notice some cells managed to survive the infection and find the gene that had been knocked out. It managed to work on mice so maybe one day they will be able to not just protect us from the common cold but nearly all enteroviruses.

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