Monday, August 3, 2020

Vaping Causes DNA Changes Similar to Those in Cancer: Study

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    It is no secret that cigarettes have cancer causing agents that can be highly detremental to those who smoke. The newest trend now is vaping nicotine, mostly done by young adults but not limited to. It has been proven that vaping is just as bad if not worse than smoking cigarettes. What has been proven is that vaping has potentially cancer-causing changes in their DNA. This doesnt imply that the individual will get cancer, but it becomes more likely. This was done by taking blood samples and testing them for specific chemical tags attched to DNA that are inportant for proper gene activity and or function. These changes can occur in diseases as cancer. 


  1. Wow this is crazy! I know so many people my age that are vaping but will not pay attention to the effects it can have on them!

  2. This article is so important. So many young adults, teens, and even middle schoolers are addicted to vaping nicotine nowadays. I think it's so important that people do their research and understand the effects it could have on them long term.

  3. A lot of people I know vape and believe that it's a lot healthier. Even though vaping doesn't fill your lungs with the tar that cigarettes do, there are still harmful effects from it.

  4. This is interesting due to the fact that everyone assumes vaping is healthier. I am interested in knowing what the specific tags that they where looking at where. Continually, I would hope that the people running the study look at which chemicals are the ones that have the ability to cause this change in a persons DNA.