Monday, August 3, 2020

Do Gene Mutations Explain COVID-19 Cases in the Young?

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    COVID-19 has been infecting and killing millions all over the world. What seems to be the case is that the most vulnerable population is the elderly and those with predisposed diseases that have the greatest risk. Besides this vulnerable population there is a small percent of people that are young and healthy that contract COVID-19 and pass away. What scientists are thinking, is that there may be some type of genetic mutation that causes these healthy young people to fall severly ill. Scientists are examining the DNA of 500 patients that are severly ill in the ICU, with no underlying health conditions. This is too early to project any results just yet. 

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  1. This is scary to think that child are at risk as well. Hopefully the DNA of those patients lead to possible solutions or cures. I am wondering if the DNA mutation in the virus came from the bat or through humans as more and more people got it.