Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Successful marriages are due genetic predisposition

Successful marriages are due genetic predisposition
Researchers at Yale discovered a gene that holds the secret to a happy marriage. A gene known as the  GG
genotype, is known to cause greater expression of empathy, sociability, and emotional stability, and acts
in a receptor for oxytocin, the “love hormone”. Of course having these qualities would benefit any sort of
relationship, however, the GG genotype was found more frequently in people that reported happy and
healthy relationships.
 Of course, long term bonds and relationships still require physical attraction, shared interests and values,
and obviously more research needs to be completed to see how accurate the information and effect of the
gene really is. It’s crazy how many things can  be “contributed” to having a certain genotype.


  1. I wonder how strongly this gene correlates with the marriage. It is hard to believe a gene can contribute so strongly to successful marriages when there are so many environmental factors, such as money, that impact marital happiness as well. It seems difficult to remove these factors from a study like this. Maybe further research will uncover more information.

  2. This is a very interesting discovery! The thought of there being a genetic disposition to increase the odds of a marriage working out is very cool and kind of scary. Maybe one person in the marriage/relationship would have the gene to improve empathy, sociability, and emotional stability, while the other person does not, and they have a great bond and physical attraction towards each other. I can't imagine the lack of the gene would be the demise of a relationship, but could possibly be an explanation if in the case it does not work out!